Heavy Sedation Complete Series Volume 1

Heavy Sedation Complete Series Volume 1

Heavy Sedation is a weekly series of comical, twisted, and uplifting short stories, told using the same actors, playing different characters, in different original stand alone stories. It has been called ‘A hip funny Twilight Zone by radio personality Charing Ball, and has been praised by the founder of the ‘Reel Black’ film screening series Michael Dennis touting that ‘Heavy Sedation has smart writing and tongue in cheek thrills, it will keep you on the edge of your seat.’

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Heavy Sedation Complete Series Volume 1
  • Episode 1: Mended Vows/Love at Second Thought

    Episode 1: Mended Vows Incorporated/ Love at Second Thought
    A carjacked man is taken on the ride of his life. /A magical tea tells a couple about each other.

  • Episode 2: My Righteous Hand

    Episode 2: My Righteous Hand
    A pizza delivery man meets an ornery senior citizen who prepares him for a life change.

  • Episode 3:Forget Tomorrow

    Episode 3: Forget Tomorrow
    A mysterious man who speaks in numbers, give a woman unwanted advice.

  • Episode 4:Careful What you Axe For

    Episode 4: Careful What You Axe For
    Hip hop duo Rumble and Frenzi come across a magic bag that gives them what they ask for.

  • Episode 5: Return of the B-Boy

    Episode 5: Return of the B-boy
    An uptight accountant former self appears to him in the form of an old school B-boy.

  • Episode 6: Full of Days

    Episode 6 ‘Full of Days’
    A depressed man gets trapped in an elaborate crime.

  • Episode 7: Lights Out

    Episode 7 ‘Now You See Me’
    Two vagrants find a light switch that turns off people eyesight.

  • Episode 8: Carry Me Home

    Episode 8 ‘Carry Me Home’
    A fun loving Angel whose job is to carry souls to heaven has a rough day when he finds out one of his passenger doesn’t have a destination.

  • Episode 9:Holla at cha Girl /Picture Me Green

    Episode 9 Holla at cha Girl/ ‘Picture Me Green’
    A young woman who is unlucky in love goes to a psychic for help and gets more than she bargained for. / A still life photographer finds an unexplained picture that comes to life and turns his life upside down.

  • Episode 10: My Friend Iula

    Episode 10 ‘My Friend Iula
    A woman being stalked by murderer calls an unlikely friend for help.

  • Episode 11: Losing Kevin

    Episode 11 ‘Losing Kevin’
    A man who is repeatedly abused by his boss and bullied by his co-workers finally gets pushed to far.

  • Heavy Sedation Special Features

    How Heavy Sedation Got Started/ Dropping Knowledge with Rumble and Frenzi- Rapper/Actor / Dropping Knowledge -Get It Music Video / Original DVD commercial / Cornbread and Coffee